Technical Artist

Job Summary

BiNAREE is looking for a talented  and versatile Technical Artist to help join in creating awesome mobile/AR/VR games! Being an excellent communicator, visionary and passionate for art, the technical artist will challenge and develop tools by solving technical production sides.



  • Build and maintain efficient technical/artistic pipeline
  • Work together with engineering to develop new graphical technologies
  • Well connection between the Art and Programming departments
  • Constantly provide technical advice on the idea of the planning team and the art team, so that it can help make ideas feasible
  • Filling in the gap between the tech and the art where most of the graphical asset should be controlled by the tools supported by you
  • Continually be on the lookout for technologies that can improve the game content creation process, researching the “next phase” of pipeline development.



  • 3+ years of professional experience in game development or a strong technical artist background.
  • Knowledge of current real time rendering techniques
  • Strong familiarity with Unreal Engine 4
  • Comfortable generating 3D games assets using 3ds Max/Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush


BiNAREE is an international mobile game studio located in Seoul, South Korea. We develop F2P/Paid mobile/AR/VR games featuring cool characters and entertaining stories. Under the leadership of Ex-Rovio executive and ex-Com2uS executive, we have an enriched experience in the mobile gaming industry. Also, having diverse team  members from all over the world, BiNAREE has an in-depth knowledge and strong understanding of both Western and Asian mobile gaming markets. With this understanding, BiNAREE is able to produce games that can reach a global player base. To learn more about BiNAREE, visit