Server Programmer


BiNAREE is looking for a talented Server Programmer to help lead in creating awesome mobile games. As a senior server programmer, you’ll design, build and optimize the server’s backbone and infrastructure that runs our games. Expectedly, you believe you can make impossible possible. Continuously and passionately, you’ll be talking with lead designer about any game design ideas to produce the best game possible.

BiNAREE is an international mobile game studio located in Seoul, South Korea. We develop F2P mobile games featuring cool characters and entertaining stories. Under the leadership of Ex-Rovio executive and ex-Come2uS executive, we have an enriched experience in the mobile gaming industry. Also, having diverse team  members from all over the world, BiNAREE has an in-depth knowledge and strong understanding of both Western and Asian mobile gaming markets. With this understanding, BiNAREE is able to produce games that can reach a global player base. To learn more about BiNAREE, visit       



  • Programming
    • Develop systems to handle large amounts of data received via TCP/IP, HTTP or HTTPS on Linux(Ubuntu or CentOS).  This will require a broad knowledge and development experience of network programming and data management (RDBMS, NoSQL).
    • Collaborate with client developers with reference to the Unity3D game client (C#).
    • During the development process, collaborate with technical director to maintain the quality of the code in the build.
  • Deployment
    • Prepare for a build to be released every week or every 2 weeks to hear the feedback from the whole company.
  • Implementing a design
    • Implement the ideas of the Lead Designer in an efficient and accurate way
  • Documentation
    • Write documentation about where appropriate about work performed.
    • Design server architecture and define protocols to be used in communication with the client.
  • Agile Communication
    • Work according to the Agile Development Methodology using JIRA for project management.
  • Understanding of Game Systems
    • For the best results, talk with lead designer about any game design ideas continuously and passionately. Consider the final product often to produce the best game possible. It will be necessary to have a good knowledge of games.

[Basic Qualifications]

  • +5 year professional work experience as a game programmer.
  • Have talent for optimizing code for performance, scalability and clarity.
  • At least fluent in one programming language such as Java, C++, C#, Python, Go or similar languages
  • Solid OOP, system design, data structures, and algorithms knowledge
  • Experience with Linux/Unix and scripting languages like Python, Perl, shell scripting, etc.
  • Worked on, completed and shipped at least one MMO game.
  • Have strong verbal and written communication skills and aren’t afraid to voice your opinion
  • At least Bachelor’s degree if needing a visa to work in Korea

[Preferred Qualification]

  • Familiarity with immutable infrastructure, “infrastructure as code”, testable infrastructure / Experience with automation/configuration management using either Puppet, Chef, Ansible or an equivalent (DevOps)
  • Understanding of networking and core Internet protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, and distributed networks).
  • Experience with multi-threaded/parallel programming or gaming experience
  • Specialized skills in a particular area of game development (e.g. analytics, multiplayer, matchmaking)
  • Experience with any or all of the following technologies: Redis, MongoDB, AWS