Twin-stick Shooter for Mobile

There was a time when Twin-stick control game was flourishing. It was when the touch-based smart phone was widely used.
The whole idea behind the twin-stick control game was fresh. However, considering the screen size of iPhone 4/4s, which was 3.5 inches screen, the device is not big enough to play such games. In fact, the half of the screen was covered by two thumbs. In case of tablet, the device was too big and heavy to be hold for 10-20 mins.


As a result, twin-stick games started to disappear from the top chart. When the genre disappeared, it left one problem unsolved, which will be never solved. The problem is that most of twin-stick games were Paid apps because Free-to-Play was not common in the Western market at the moment.

Minigore ($0.99, 2009)

Since 2014, the screen size of mobile devices is getting wider. Apple released bigger size iPhones, and Samsung manufactured and distributed Galaxy series with various screen sized models. It is not a secret that big size phone is getting popular. Since mobile devices are becoming acceptably larger, meaning large but still portable, we strongly believe that the twin-stick genre will make its come back soon.

At the same time, we see a problem as well. The mobile game users tends to play an easy game than a hard game, which needs a sophisticated control. Twin-stick control could be hard play for users who prefer easy and casual games. Especially, assuming that many mobile game users do not play the console games like Xbox or Playstation, it is a homework for developers to let the users learn and play Twin-stick game with ease.

BiNAREE is currently working on Boundless, which is based on Twin-stick control. When we are testing the game or let some of our friends to play, we see them dying quickly. But, it is fun to play and watch them get though waves. We are trying to make the game works in a mobile setting. Also, BiNAREE art team is doing their best to make cool creatives.
Please visit our website often to see the progress. We would like to share our game development progress with you.


Kyungheon Kim