Work in Seoul

What is it like to work in Seoul? Here is a list of what Seoul offers you.

City of Internet

No matter where you are, like mountain peaks or moving subway trains, you cannot avoid wireless internet access even if you don’t want.


Seoul is one of the best places in Asia when it comes to English. Not everyone’s fluent, but most people in Seoul have basic English skills that will make a good place to work. Also, all major signs and subway announcements are in English as well.


It is safe to walk the streets of Seoul late at night.

Technology & Innovation

With fast connectivity, the cutting-edge gadgets can be seen everywhere in Seoul, even in the rural setting.

Open Late

Not many cities have 24/7 places, but in Seoul, it is easy to find. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars that opens till next morning.


Seoul has a modern and efficient system of public transportation that includes both subway trains and buses. Having nine major subway lines that run all throughout the city.

If you are looking for something entertaining, Seoul is the city for you.

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