Intern- 3D Programmer

BiNAREE is looking for a 3D Programmer Intern for our Tech Team. We started Pale Lands on August 2015 and it is launched on February 2017 globally except Korea, China, Japan and Russia. We are showing good indices after the global launch, and watching for a chance to grow explosively based on these indices. We are looking a 3D Programmer who can educe the game as a Pale Lands team member.

BiNAREE is an international mobile game studio located in Seoul, South Korea. We develop F2P mobile games featuring cool characters and entertaining stories. Under the leadership of Ex-Rovio executive and ex-Come2uS executive, we have an enriched experience in the mobile gaming industry. Also, having diverse team  members from all over the world, BiNAREE has an in-depth knowledge and strong understanding of both Western and Asian mobile gaming markets. With this understanding, BiNAREE is able to produce games that can reach a global player base. To learn more about BiNAREE, visit       

No. Categories Requirements Qualifications
1 3D Programmer Intern
  • Producing game
  • Insert 3rd party tool  
  • Graduate of 2017 or 2018 candidates for graduation
  • Computer Science degrees
  • English Speaker