Zap Zombies™

Tap Tap Tap!

Zap Zombies™ is a clicker-style simple RPG. All you need to do is slay the zombies with your fully armed survivors, and you can upgrade their skills and powers in the laboratory. Zap Zombies is a free game with simple controls. Survivors help you to slay the zombies and you upgrade them to let them fight harder and harder. Install Now!

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BiNAREE’s debut title, Zap Zombies™, was released on October 2015 and was featured by Apple North America and South America. With average review score 4.5 on both the app store and the google play store, BiNAREE worked hard to provide fun contents to users.

Zap Zombies™ is constantly evolving to provide consistent experience and to make our user happy. To reach more global-base users, BiNAREE decided to work with Soul game, a mobile game publisher. With Soul game, BiNAREE will go after its next million users with Zap Zombies™.

By utilizing various social channels, BiNAREE want to reach out to our users.

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*Zap Zombies is optimized for iPhone5, iPad3, iPad mini and iPod Touch 5G or newer. Users on older devices may experience slight hitching.

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