Project Boundless

Defeat aliens and return to our base!

Project Boundless is a twin-stick control shooting RPG featuring Sci-fi theme.



Coming Soon – August 2016


Apple App Store and Google Play Store


“In the 26th century, all of natural resources were used up by us. Space exploration for searching Replaceable energy had begun, and the frontiers succeeded in finding a planet with lots of reserves. One problem remains. The frontiers are cornered by the native,  insect-alien. They must find their way out! Else, failure in the mission will annihilated the Earth.”
The frontiers are under attack by the native aliens insects and need to find their way out! Upgrade your skills to defeat your opponents and accomplish your mission. Return to the base safely.


This is a competition! The game is a survival two-thumb shooter, where you will face wave after wave of aliens, while gaining levels and choosing new skills to fight with.

To win, players must fight and survive on enemy-controlled territory.

Players get to choose one of the frontiers to defeat the aliens; Each frontier has different traits and skill sets.