Pale Lands®

Pale Lands is Town-based Mobile Strategy Game featuring Zombies



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Available on almost every countries, except Chinese Speaking countries, Thailand, Republic of Korea and Japan.


Two years after scientists announced they had discovered what they called “a vaccine against death,” the world as we knew it was gone.  The vaccine, known as Z chemicals, didn’t work as advertised.  People still died. They just didn’t stay that way.


Game Description

Build the Safest Town to Protect Your People
Produce resource for survival and building infrastructures to expand your territory. Also, prepare your people to protect against threats from the outside, roaming zombies and bandit,by strategically placing defense buildings in your town.  

Bring More Survivors into Your Community
Power to the People! In the Zombie-apocalypse, a well-run town requires a variety of survivors with a mix of skills. Assign your survivor in a building where matches their skill-set.

Develop Zombie Troops and Armament
Scout and attack an enemy or an another player’s town by disputing Zombie troops. Zombie’s belligerent attitude will help you win over the opponent. You can steal opponent’s resources. If you are lucky enough, you can bring high quality man-power to your town. Establishing research facility will help you build a strong force, breed various types of Zombies and develop various weapons. 

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