Outbreak of Zombie Apocalypse

We are happy to announce that BiNAREE’s second title Pale Lands: Zombie Wasteland Survival will be soft launched on the last week of November 2016, with a worldwide release scheduled for 2017. (in short Pale Lands) For soft launch, the game will be only available in the App Store in the Netherlands and Finland. The upcoming title Pale Lands is shaping up to be fun for those zombie lovers and strategy game lovers.

Pale Lands is a town-based strategy game where you accept and manage refugees and collect and weaponize zombies to survive. In the home site, refugees work hard to establish infrastructures with a hope to revive human civilization. Longing for peace and home makes refugees to eagerly manage what they have accomplished and to defend themselves from outside threats. On the other hand, in the battle field, refugees raid and attack rival town to plunder resources for the reconstruction. Refugees bring zombie troops to opponent’s town to minimize the human casualty. But, killing people who belong to another town is necessary evil to survive in the post-zombie apocalypse. The game will take place closer to Nevada, so you can expect to be seeing a desert-like setting across the game. Having community-building after apocalypse as the main theme, the Pale Lands team tries to melt the outrageous story and twisted emotion into a single game. Zombie Apocalypse horrifies us because not only undeads could threaten our lives but also an encountered anonymous could turns out to be a bandit. In game, you have to protect your home from zombies and other towns, but you also have to attack others’ home for survival. In Pale Lands, users are expected to experience lives of zombie apocalypse, with major questions being asked; what is the world now and how to survive.

First promotional video of Pale Lands: Zombie Wasteland Survival

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