Art Director


The BiNAREE Art Team is looking for a talented Art Director to help lead in creating awesome mobile games. Being an excellent communicator, visionary and passionate for art, the Art Director will challenge and help raise standards with the creation of all art, from concept to production to marketing and everything in between.

BiNAREE is an international mobile game studio located in Seoul, South Korea. We develop F2P mobile games featuring cool characters and entertaining stories. Under the leadership of Ex-Rovio executive and ex-Come2uS executive, we have an enriched experience in the mobile gaming industry. Also, having diverse team  members from all over the world, BiNAREE has an in-depth knowledge and strong understanding of both Western and Asian mobile gaming markets. With this understanding, BiNAREE is able to produce games that can reach a global player base. To learn more about BiNAREE, visit       



  • Establish and develop a clear, unified artistic vision and high standard for all art, including game art, promotional art, marketing art, etc.
  • Establish a high quality of standard for all artists to adhere to
  • Lead in the development of concept artwork to best convey artistic vision
  • Effectively communicate art direction and vision to the art team as well as other leads
  • Lead and challenge the art team to continue to push the boundaries to produce excellent artwork
  • Find creative solutions to achieve artistic fidelity while adhering to production goals


[Skills and Qualifications]

  • 5 years minimum of industry experience, at least 1 year experience as an art director
  • Experience leading a team
  • Strong communication skills in both English and Korean
  • Strong understanding of current practices and industry standards
  • Excellent eye for visual quality and knowledge of techniques to achieve visual goals
  • Passionate about games as well as the personal development of members of the art team
  • Excellent decision maker and problem solver
  • Understanding of industry standard packages (Maya, ZBrush, Unity, etc.)
  • Ability to foster a dynamic and collaborative team environment


[Preferred Qualification]

  • English Speaker