New Update (ver. 1.10.2)

Hello survivors,
We hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving weekend! Today’s update for version 1.10.2 includes some new additions, usability improvements, and more!
Here are the details.

Limited Event

  • Reinforcement time for all zombies is reduced to 0s
  • Enjoy instant PvP battles with instant zombies reinforcement!
    • The event will last for 2 weeks

New Additions

  • Guide Mission
    • Added ‘Guide Mission’ for players with HQ level 1~4!
    • Different missions can guide you through unlocking new contents
    • Complete each individual mission to earn diamonds!
  • Diamond Package
    • Added a cheaper diamond package with 160 diamonds
  • Portuguese
    • Added Portuguese to available languages (accessible in the language section of the settings menu)

Usability Improvements

  • Survivor Management – Auto-assign
    • Added an auto-assign button to the survivor management UI
    • Pressing the button automatically places your survivors in their positions!
  • Scattered zombies
    • Improved the movement and behavior of zombies overall
    • Now they are less likely to cluster up in one place
  • Survivor Package UI
    • Added details of contents of the package in the purchasing UI

Visual (Name) Change

  • Shotgun → SPIKE TOWER
    • Shotgun is now SPIKE TOWER!!
    • Added a brand new design, animation, and effect!
    • However, there are no changes to overall strength of the tower!

Balance Changes

Defensive Tower
  • Cannon
    • Decreased the projectile speed of Cannons to make zombies less targetable while moving.
    • 12.5 → 6.5
  • Shotgun
    • Decreased the maximum number of targets by 3 across all levels.
    • Lv.1 : 11→ 8
    • Lv.10 : 20→ 17
  • Machine gun
    • Increased the range of Machine guns to counter against Spitters. Now, Spitters do not have a range advantage against Machine guns.
    • 6.0 → 7.1
  • Giant : Decreased damage and HP.
Watruck Ability
  • Flare
    • Decreased the effect radius for Flare to allow more sophisticated control over zombies’ movements.
    • 12 → 8 tiles
    • Improved the Flare attraction mechanic so that attracted zombies come together in an area rather than one focal point. Now, zombies are more likely to spread out when attracted by the Flare.
  • Wartruck power
    • Decreased the amount of powers dropped during battle to encourage more planned, strategic usage of powers.
    • 3 → 2
Matching System
  • Improved the matching system so that you are more likely to match against players with same or similar HQ level.
  • Changed the number of site zombies spawned during the battle accordingly.
HQ Lv1
  • Initial number of zombies spawned : 30 → 35
  • Maximum number of zombies spawned : 45 → 40
HQ Lv10
  • Initial number of zombies spawned : 50 → 40
  • Maximum number of zombies spawned : 75 → 60
2018 is just around the corner and Team Pale Lands is planning for some big and stunning updates next year. We will be back with more awesome content!
Stay tuned XD
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