New Update (ver.1.8.3)

Hello survivors,
Today’s update for version 1.8.3 includes balance patch and some improvements!
Here are the details.

Balance Patch

Defense Tower
  • Guard Tower – Although Guard Tower is the most basic defense tower, it was too powerful. So, we made it less powerful!

    • HP : Decreased overall
    • DPS : Decreased overall
    • Range : 8 → 9
  • Shotgun – Shotgun was strong against both melee and ranged zombies. With its reduced range, Shotgun will be much weaker against ranged zombies like Bonies and Spitters.
    • HP : Increased overall
    • DPS : Increased overall
    • Range : 6.2 → 3
  • Crossbow – Crossbow was especially powerful against huge zombies like Giants and Exploders, but weak against small zombies like Biters. So, we made it more powerful against small zombies.
    • HP : Decreased overall
    • DPS : Increased overall
    • Range : 8 → 7
  • Cannon – Cannon is usually the first priority target because of its long range and high damage. But, once you learn how to exploit it, it’s not too difficult to destroy. So, we tried to enhance its strength by increasing the maximum range and exploit its weakness by increasing the minimum range.
    • HP : Decreased overall
    • DPS : Decreased overall
    • Max Range : 10 → 12
    • Min Range : 3 → 4
  • Machine gun – Machine gun’s DPS was very high. To balance out with the changes made for the zombies, we reduced its damage, but also adjusted its reload time a bit faster. As a result, its DPS has decreased overall.
    • HP : Increased overall
    • DPS : Decreased overall
    • Range : 7.2 → 6
  • Loudspeaker – As a defensive tower, Loudspeaker only attracts nearby zombies once they get in range. If you are unlucky, Loudspeaker can be devastating as it draws the attention of your zombies. So, we made it easier to deal with Loudspeaker by reducing its trigger radius.
    • Trigger Radius : 8 → 6
    • Initial Radius : 3 → 2
    • Max Radius : Decreased overall
  • Chemical Sprinkler – Chemical Sprinkler is just OP in Pale Lands. The only way to destroy this tower without much casualties is to use its long reload time against it, but still it’s difficult. So, we made it easier to destroy Chemical Sprinkler by reducing its range.
    • Range : 7 → 6
  • General Buildings
    • HP : Decreased overall
  • All zombies
    • Walk speed : Increased overall
  • Biter – We tried to make Biters more useful in combat. So, we gave them more HP!
    • HP : Increased overall
    • Seat Size : 1 → 2
  • Bony – Bonies are one of the most popular zombies because they are ranged units and also powerful. To make Bonies more balanced overall, we decreased their HP, but increased their DPS.
    • HP : Decreased overall
    • DPS : Increased a little overall
    • Range : 3.5 → 3
    • Unlocked Level : Transporter Lv 2 → Lv 1
  • Giant – Giants will continue to play a tanker role. They were too powerful in the earlier levels but weak in the later levels. To reflect on that imbalance, we made changes to their HP.
    • HP : Increased at lv 4, 5, 6 and decreased at lv 1, 2, 3
    • DPS : Increased overall
    • Unlocked Level : Transporter Lv 1 → Lv 2
  • Scavenger – It’s difficult to utilize Scavengers in combat. Despite the fact, we decreased their DPS to balance out with other changes.
    • DPS : Decreased overall
  • Crawler – We also wanted Crawlers to be more useful in battle especially when they’re combined with Biters. So, now you can have more Crawlers and faster Crawlers!
    • HP : Decreased overall
    • DPS : Decreased a little overall
    • Seat Size : 2 → 1
  • Spitter – Spitters have the highest DPS, which makes them the best dealers in Pale lands. But, we wanted Spitters to be used in a more strategical way. So, we increased their range considerably, but decreased their HP overall.
    • HP : Decreased overall
    • DPS : Increased at lv 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and decreased at lv6
    • Range : 4 → 6.
    • Seat Size : 10 → 8
  • Airborne – Sometimes, Airbornes are only used to destroy the HQ. We made changes so that they could be used in more diverse and strategic ways.
    • HP : Decreased overall
    • Helmet HP : Decreased overall
    • DPS : Increased overall
  • Exploder – Exploders are one of the least popular zombies. So, we wanted Exploders to be much more useful with much higher suicide damage!
    • HP : Increased overall
    • Suicide Damage : Increased overall
    • Seat Size : 15 → 12
    • Walk speed : Fast → Slow


  • AI behavior – Survivors will now prioritize attacking nearby zombies in battle rather than running straight to the HQ. Due to the change in this behavior, they will be much more likely to engage in fights with zombies and less likely to cluster around the HQ!
  • Combat statistics – Most of their stats have decreased, but we made their reload time faster to make the interactions between zombies much more interesting.
    • HP : Decreased overall
    • DPS : Decreased overall

Site (outside) Zombies during combat

  • Site Zombies spawned during combat can easily enter (when the walls are already destroyed) and attack enemy sites, or they can be used for the Catapult ability. The spawn number has a much bigger impact in the earlier levels than it has in the later levels. Reflecting on this note, we decreased the number of site zombies spawned at lower HQ levels and increased the number at higher HQ levels.

Watruck Ability

  • Wartruck movement speed – Increased
  • Power – Decreased overall
  • Projectile speed – Increased overall for all abilities
  • Rocket – Rockets had a wide area for its splash damage. We made changes so that Rockets could be used for more focused attacks with higher damage and better accuracy.
    • Damage : Increased overall
    • Damage Radius
      • 2.0 → 0.7
  • Chemical bomb – It was difficult to use Chemical bombs effectively because of its short radius. So, we made them a bit more useful by increasing its radius!
    • Required power
      • Required power (1st shot) : 6 → 8
    • Radius
      • 3.0 → 3.5
    • DPS
      • x 2.8 → x 2.0.

Update Note

Usability Improvements
  • Survivors – replaced the terminology of ‘Refugee’ with ‘Survivor’
  • HUD icons – tapping on resource icons in the HUD now provides easier access to information, like max capacity and production per hour, for resources
  • Tutorial improvements
  • Better graphics and performance
Visual Improvements
  • Improved visuals within the Transporter area
  • Improved visuals for the resource collecting effect
  • Improved the readability of the Survivor information UI
  • Small graphical changes to the World Map

We will come back with fascinating Halloween updates 🙂
Stay tuned.

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