New Update (ver. 1.7.2)

Hello survivors,

Today’s update for version 1.7.2 includes some new additions and bug fixes!

Here are the details.

<Re-try button for single player stages>

Now you can use diamonds to instantly reinforce same troops you’ve expended and retry the stage to win more stars. Go for a 5-star win to acquire Epic or Legendary refugee on selected stages!

<News pop-up>

Have you been waiting for update and promotion news? Now you can check out on News pop-up when you launch the game! Find out what’s new and try it right away!

<New Language – Spanish>

Hola! Finally, Spanish language pack has been added. Gather around and play Pale Lands!

Bug fixes

Plundering rate – Plundering rate has been adjusted based on the HQ level gap. Now you will lose less resources against a higher HQ level player.


Hope you enjoy our new 1.7.2 version from the app store.


We will come back with more interesting updates 🙂

Stay tuned.

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