New Updates (ver. 1.6.1)

For those who have waited for our update, it is finally here and released! Few big additions, improvements, and some balance changes have been made in this version.

Here are the details.

<LEGENDARY Refugees>

Finally, Pale Lands releases LEGENDARY refugees. LEGENDARY refugees have 1 additional special skill. Check out the Store to obtain them!! Or you might be able to win a Legendary refugee from the World Map by clearing one of the stages with five stars.

<LEAGUE System>

LEAGUE is the perfect place to find out how strong you are in Pale lands. Compete with other users, join a higher league and acquire bonus resources!

<REFUGEE Package>

Now you can buy REFUGEES from the Store! We know it is tedious waiting for the next refugee to arrive. So, we have prepared 3 different Refugee Packages. If you do not want to wait until your quarantine station fills up with incoming refugees, or need better, stronger refugees now, then, check out our new Refugee Packages! They will make your town better and stronger!


Now you can relocate TREES. You know trees can slow down zombies. Now, you’re allowed to move TREES by consuming resources. Find out how to use TREES more tactically!

Usability Improvements! · Drag and Drop – Now you can drag and drop Transporters and the weapons of your War Truck! The new Drag and Drop UI allows you to preview how the Transporter will run through the walls and from which direction the zombies will be deployed. · Refugee UI – When assigning refugees to buildings, it is now more intuitive to allocate and manage them with the new refugee management system design.

<Balance Changes>

· Change in PvP Trophy system – Now it’s easier for users to escalate in the trophy rankings. You will lose less trophies when losing a PvP attack. It’s time to play more PvP!

· War Truck energy increase – When you level up your War Truck at the Garage, your War Truck is provided with more initial energy. More energy means more damage your war truck can do to your enemy.

· Exploder – When the Exploder zombie dies in battle, it will explode faster than it did before.

· Airborne Crawler – Airborne Crawlers have been training hard to understand where your fingers are targeting. Now they land much more accurately with concentrated damage.

Hope you enjoy our new 1.6.1 version from the app store.


More interesting updates are in the making.

Stay tuned!

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