New Updates (ver. 1.4.3)

Version 1.4.3

Today’s update for version 1.4.3 includes new additions, improvements, and some balance changes. And, here’s a brief overview!
New Additions!
  • Mine Trap – new defensive building that triggers upon impact with zombies damaging them
  • Instant Button – automatically finishes all reinforcements
Usability Improvements!
  • Quarantine Station – now allows overpopulation for bought Refugees
  • Workshop & Quarantine Refugee – are now automatically assigned once accepted to the site
  • All Buildings – now show buildings recovering after being attacked
  • Zombies – have a new visual effect for slow & attracted zombies
  • Refugee Behavior – Refugees now wander aimlessly around the home site!
Balance Changes!
  • Zombie – normal walk speed increased overall
  • Cannon / Under Tree – decreased the slow effect
  • Smoke Bomb – now disables only one building / reduced the required power
  • Blood Bomb – reduced the required power
  • Shotgun – decreased the knock-back effect
Download the 1.4.3 version from the app store and find out what’s new!

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