New Updates (ver. 1.3.1)

Version 1.3.1:

Today’s update for version 1.3.1 includes visual changes, improvements, and some balance changes.
Visual changes!

  • Visual upgrades to Chemical Sprinkler to match its power.

Usability improvements!

  • Players can now see upgrade & research icons when they are ready to be upgraded.
  • A handy button is now available for when the Ice Cream Truck is in the site, so you don’t have to follow the truck all the time.
  • Scout mode now shows a better representation of Refugee assignment status.

Balance Changes!

  • Decreased seat space and HP for Crawler
  • Decreased seat space and HP for Airborne
  • Changed the damage pattern for Machine Gun
  • Increased knock-back effect for Shotgun
  • Decreased HP for Guard Tower

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